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Title: Our Sword-Wielding Watcher

The Underground is my most active Forum, I love the people there and it's my home in the dolling community!
Even better: I'm now a Watcher! Hooray!

Bought Stuff
(Link because there are quite many items that I've bought at the UG)

Activities / Theme dolls

My doll for the Doll yourself July 2004 (see the group picture here)

My July 2004 Theme doll (mystical folk and creatures)

My August 2004 Theme doll (me&my hero)

My January 2005 theme doll (my favourite song)

My July 2005 theme doll (Cosplay) - Me as Mad Hatter =)


From The UG christmas gift exchange

By the Staff <3

From the Summer Gift Exchange (made by Phunkie)

My Stalking Gifts:
(from: Bunnys_Of_Doom / Temp / TheVampireLestatia / TabiKat / raging_ant / Amira / Evil_Wooden_Leg)

My christmas gift 2005, made by the staff ^^

My one year member gift... yay :D

I got this for my 18th Birthday

Gifts I got during the *poke*-week